Dance & Calisthenics Concerts

Specialising in filming dance and calisthenics concerts, the team at Costello Video have produced DVD productions for national dance organisations, performing arts colleges, local dance schools and many calisthenics schools and colleges for over 25 years.  

With over 100 dancing schools as regular clients, we are the undisputed leaders in our field.

We use broadcast quality cameras, and our operators are all experienced in filming dance and calisthenics.   We understand choreography, and after 25 years experience our work follows the flow of your routines and the music that you use.

Single or multi-camera shows are available based on the number of pre-sale orders.   We are happy to take direction from teachers (no close-ups on senior items, split screens on babies, etc.)  Some teachers even request edgy crash zooms and tilts for that "video clip" look - the choice is yours!

We mix our multi-camera shows both live and in post-production, to ensure the best possible results. Multi-directional microphones are placed both on the stage and at the back of the theatre to get live audience responses, the clickity-clack of tap shoes, and un-amplified singing.  We sometimes request teachers to give us their master audio CD's for optimal stereo sound in the final edit.

In our studio, we post-produce the audio for each item, bringing up room microphones where there is applause and taking them down during the routines. We do our best to eliminate all unnecessary noise (coughing, loud talking, etc. even noisy pointe shoes on the floor!)

Costello Video are specialists in filming dance concertsThe final product comes complete with a motion title at the beginning of the concert which includes show date, school name and a concert name.   At an additional cost we can include ballet or concert synopsis, item names for each routine, and personalised credits.  We edit out any long gaps or blacks from between your items, and place a chapter point at the beginning of each routine so you can access them separately and efficiently. We NEVER use auto-chaptering software.

Our fully interactive motion menus include motion thumbnails of each item, so with a few clicks of your remote you can access your favorite dance!

Child Protection

The Costello Video team is sensitive to the child care responsibilities of school staff and applies its own child protection policy:

  • Schools are required to confirm that parents are aware of the recording in advance
  • Costello Video personnel are required to report on arrival prior to entering premises and to wear identification at all times on site
  • Costello Video personnel will not work alone with children


Subject to a minimum sales level,
no production fees are incurred by the dance school, but we do hope that you will work with us to achieve maximum sales.  Fundraising/commission options are available, and with a small addition to our base price significant sums have been raised for the performing company or their nominated charity.
Please contact us to discuss our rates and let us tailor a package to suit your schools needs.

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