Taking care of your DVD discs10

Although DVDs, having no moving parts, appear to be more robust than traditional videotape, it remains a delicate format. A small blemish, scratch or dust on the surface can lead to the player rejecting a disc.

The following precautions will help to prolong the life of a DVD disc:

  • Remove a disc from a case by pushing the hub at the centre and gently removing the disc by its outer edge
  • Remove a disc from a pouch by holding the outer edge.


  • Remove a disc by 'prying' it out
  • Put the disc face down except when in a case
  • Stick labels or write on the disc
  • Touch or scratch the surface of the disc
  • Remove a disc from a pouch by holding the outer edge.

  • Free from dust and at a room temperature
  • Away from moisture heat and sunlight.


A disc that is cracked should never be placed in a player or computer as the high-speed revolutions could cause dangerous splinters to be ejected.


DVD players have been in the Australian market for almost a decade. With the development of home cinema systems that produce five channels of sound and a thundering bass to your living room, you can now view and hear programs with amazing quality. There is more than one DVD format and it cannot be assumed that every DVD disc will run satisfactorily on all DVD players. However most modern DVD players are now compatible with discs across the range.

This is the original recordable format created by Pioneer and approved by the industry's DVD Forum. It remains the "official" DVD recordable format. DVD-RW is the re-writable version. Primarily Pioneer and Panasonic support it.

DVD production methods
Mass-produced DVDs are pressed from a glass master providing an exact replica of the original.  This method is very reliable,  however this process is not financially viable for short runs, where it is necessary to "burn" the disc from the master using a DVD replicator.

Costello Video DVD replication services only use quality branded discs with on-disc printing to avoid known problems associated with adhesive labels. All recorded discs are electronically verified as part of the quality control procedures. 

Due to the current lack or information regarding the longevity of DVD/CD's, it is advised that clients transfer their high resolution DVD/CD images or Video on to the newest recording system of the time every two years to ensure preservation, as the studio does not keep copies of the client's photographic images or video.

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